The Shape of theCreek

Mission, Vision, and Values

How we got here

Our Story

theCreek has been ministering to people South of Fish Creek since the 1980s. Back then, it was known as Trinity Church and in 2011 it amalgamated with St. Andrew's Church in Haysboro.
Since 2011, we've been exploring what Church can be without a building, and since 2019, theCreek has been pursuing a "post-modern approach to Church". Check out the video below for more of our story.

Where we're going

Our Vision

What's a Vision? Vision is a snapshot of where you're going - a postcard from your destination. In 2019, along with St. Andrew's Church (the Faith Family who sent us), we discerned a fresh vision for ministry that would serve One Church, in two locations.

Growing. Life. Together. South of Fish Creek.

What we're doing

Our Mission

Our Mission is "Helping People find themselves in God's Story". What's that mean? Check the video below for more information

Who we are

Our Values

TheCreek is a place for everyone.

We all contain multitudes.
theCreek seeks to understand more than to be understood.

Being seen and known

 Belonging changes how we behave.
Behaviour changes what we believe.

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