All Things New

Welcome to the new home for theCreek

You have a place in God's Story

theCreek is church embracing 2021. Rather than a one-size fits all approach that is typical of churches, theCreek exists as a collection of diverse worship gatherings meeting in different times, in different places, and with different styles – spread across South Calgary, and connected to each other and God by the best parts of technology.

Meaningful, Local Belonging

COVID helped us all realize how shallow our ideas of community  and connection had been.  theCreek was born as a response to a call for a different kind of belonging, for a different  kind of  world. 

Digital Discipleship

theCreek believes in using the best parts of technology to bring us closer to God and closer to each other. Rather than a one-size fits all approach, all of our content is designed to help you meet God in your neighbourhood.

With God. With you.

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